Hormones and Aging

Hormones and Aging 

All of the body’s systems are adversely impacted by the aging process. The hormonal system is no exception. The body weakens when the endocrine glands are not active at their optimal levels. Similar to the glands driving growth and maturity in adolescence, keeping them functioning in a healthy way maintains youthful vitality later in life. 

The pharmaceutical industry has discovered a potion for stimulating each gland and imitating the desired results. Fortunately, the Taoists also have exercises for improving the functioning of each gland. Many examples include self-massage, such as sexual organ massage, kidney and adrenal massage, and tapping the thymus. A practice called Cleansing the Bone Marrow deeply promotes the growth of blood cells and the hormones related to sexual energy and reproduction. 

There are also many Taoist meditation practices that benefit the endocrine system. The practice of meditating in the core channel (called Fusion of the Five Elements 2&3) involves focusing attention on each of the glands and organs in the left, right, and center energy channels. Similarly, the microcosmic orbit meditation goes up the spine and down the front channel of the body, activating energy centers at each gland on the front and back of the body. In Taoist theory, different parts of nature relate to different glands—and a general rule can be to spend time in nature and breathe from the glands to trees, lakes, mountains, and the sun and moon. 

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