Healing Transmissions 

Healing Transmissions 

A chi kung practice provides more than the personal aspects that are visible to observers. The outward or obvious benefits can be what sparks curiosity, but the benefits of the practice don’t stop there. When I first met people that were into chi kung, they were vibrant, seemed unusually younger than their age, and participated in fun experiences (travel, training in esoteric arts with interesting people, etc.) 

But if my experience of chi kung and mediation stopped here, I would have limited myself. Eventually, with practice, a state of being arises that is in harmony with the community and aspects of nature at large. This ‘chi kung state’ brings about an interest and practice of being virtuous more often, choosing simplicity, and thinking of the bigger picture from a connected perspective. 

Over time, this chi kung state deepens and healing transmits out to people and places. The healing vibration is like a tuning fork that resonates out to harmonize the vibration of family, neighborhood, and community. Through this transmission, the healing happens by itself. Much like a baby sparks gentleness and tenderness in those that see it. Pray for your family and your community, show up for those that show up in your life, and build a strong spiritual foundation that vibrates out to influence everyone you encounter. 


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