Gratitude Journaling, Living on Purpose

Gratitude in the Morning

Gratitude journaling is another good habit to practice in the morning. Try it for 30 days in a row, for just seven minutes in the morning asking “What am I grateful for in my life?” It could be a lot of the same things, or you could just pick three things or five areas of life. What am I grateful for today? A lot of times it will be your health and your family and your career. Gratitude could be for successes that you’ve had, asking “What did I do that was successful, that was yesterday, that I may want to try to recreate again today?” A lot of times we beat ourselves up about what we didn’t do. Think about the good things that you have in your life. As we look for and focus on these things, we will see more of them.

Living on Purpose

From time to time, ask yourself the question Steve Jobs would ask himself, “Am I really in love with what I am about to do today?” “If this was the last day of my life, would I really be excited about what I’ve got to go in there and do?” And he would say that if three days in a row he had a negative answer to that question, he knew he had to change something. It doesn’t have to be the same question; in fact, it doesn’t have to be a question, but it’s a reflection there because it’s so easy to just jump into the day without reflecting on our happiness.

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