Generating Saliva

Generating Saliva or “Red Dragon Stirs the Sea”

In a seated, meditative position, move the tongue around the mouth in a circular direction around the teeth 36 times (or so) in each direction. It can be done on the outside of the teeth, or inside, or both.

The arms can then be raised above the head, followed by six inhalations, and then swallow as the hands are lowered. This breathing strengthens the lungs; however, the “stirring the sea” or the tongue moving around the mouth to generate saliva can be done without raising the arms. (In a meeting, in line, in public, etc.)

Generating and intentionally swallowing saliva can strengthen digestion and provide a lubrication or sorts for the vital organs. Taoists call it the Golden Elixir. One can stare at and absorb the energy of trees, lakes, the sun and moon while moving the tongue around the mouth. The saliva will be charge with this energy and it can be swallowed to fill the body with the natural energy.

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