Fusing the Five Elements

Fusing the Five Elements

In the Fusion of the Five Elements mediation practice, one forms (through visualization) a golden pearl in the center of the abdomen, at the navel. Then, visualize the following three-dimensional pearls or spheres at the corresponding parts of the body: a blue kidney pearl at the pubic bone/sacrum; the red heart pearl at the sternum and thoracic vertebrae; the white lung pearl at the left of the navel at the descneding colon; and the green liver pearl to the right of the navel, at the bottom of the liver. Merge all of these colors, feelings, qualities into the center, golden sphere.

Over time, the various aspects of our personality find common ground in the center. When the parts of our mind/energy aren’t going in different directions, our energy becomes more unified. As our energy operates in harmony, there is less tension within us. The overall feeling of harmony allows more energy to stay in the body for healing and vitality. This and similar practices are discussed in the book The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold


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