Four Pieces of Brocade

Four Pieces of Brocade

The traditional exercises is the Eight Pieces of Brocade or the Ba Duan Jin. This routine has many positive benefits for building the health and energy in the body. Four of these exercises are described below.

Raising and dropping the heels to dispel illnesses: This movement lightly vibrates the body organs and stimulates the central nervous system and the brain. It improves alertness and regulates mood, as well as strengthens the body and eliminates tiredness.

Two hands supporting Heaven to regulate the three burners (three parts of the torso):  This posture stretches the limbs and body to enhance blood circulation, increase input of oxygen, energize the body, and maximize expansion of the lungs.  It also facilitates proper body alignment, particularly to correct vertebrae and shoulder alignment.

Drawing a Bowstring: This exercise helps to strengthen back and chest muscles, improve breathing and blood circulation. By flexing and releasing muscles, it provides an anti-aging impact on muscle systems.

Pushing up to Heaven, Pushing down to Earth: One palm pushes up to the sky and the other palm pushes down to the earth. This practice improves the activities of the spleen and stomach, enhances digestion and the movement of the intestines. It is believed to prevent disease in organs by detoxifying them and relieving tension.

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