Finding Purpose

Finding Purpose

Like a car has a GPS navigation system, we have an inner guidance system inside of us. This inner GPS can let us know if we are living our life on purpose or off purpose. If we have too many days of feeling ‘off purpose,’ it may be time to find a way and change direction toward a more joyful experience. 

The actions, people, and places that bring the most joy are ‘on purpose.’ Your joy and deep happiness are your inner guidance system. When you take action, do you feel joy and passion or fear and drudgery. When do you feel most alive? What activities and places make you feel the most happiness? What do these have in common? How can you do more of those?

Look for areas of timelessness, effortlessness and ease. Purpose can be found at times when actions and awareness are merged and self-consciousness disappears. Tasks that are rewarding for their own sake, something you would do for free or without fanfare are likely providing a feeling of purpose. 

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