Fascia: Protective Tissue Around Organs

 Fascia: Protective Tissue Around Organs 

The fascia are layers of protective tissue found in all systems of the body and wrap around each organ. When the organs are unhealthy, the fascia around them can become too tight or too loose. Fascia can even tangle and cause congestion, preventing the flow of energy and fluids in and around the organ. 

Taoists believe that emotions are generated and stored in the organs. When there are too many negative emotions, the organ and fascia can’t process the emotions and won’t function properly. Fascia can be different shapes and sizes as they support the skin, muscles, bones, and organs, providing protection and lubrication. Medical books can list up to 120 different types of fasciae. 

Through Taoist moving, standing and seated practices, energy can be packed and stored in the fascia. This infusion of energy keeps the fascia strong and moist. When fascia lacks energy, it can become dry, hard, and brittle. The fascia conduct energy in the body. Organ channels pass through the fascia. Energy can’t flow through the body easily when the fascia are dry, hard, and tight. When this happens, the body can feel stiff and movement becomes painful.

Healthy fascia means energy is flowing through the body, the individual is flexible, and the body systems have structural integrity. Healthy fasciae are like sheets of strong armor, offering a flexible shield around the organs and body systems. The abdomen has the greatest concentration of fasciae, thus it is a great place for self massage and healing. Tao Yin, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Chi Nei Tsang massage and Tai chi all help stretch the fascia and provide it with healthy energy flow. 

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