Fall-Proof Your Home, Loose Clothing

Fall-Proof Your Home

My wife works in a hospital on an orthopedic medical-surgical floor. They deal with a lot of patients that have fallen; especially in the winter because of the ice. This is long-term planning, but think about fall-proofing your home. For instance, make sure your floor is slip-resistant. Check to see if you carpets and rugs are not too high above the regular floor, because they are easier to trip over and cause falls. Keep your hallways, stairwells, and entrances lit. You can use nightlights to help you see when you have to use the bathroom in dark.

A person can try to avoid situations where they have to get on a ladder for any reason. For instance, storing items in high closets, light fixtures in cathedral or vaulted ceilings, or high windows and gutters that need cleaned. For the long-term, consider having your laundry on the main floor, so that you’re not climbing down the stairs or going up the stairs with your laundry basket in your hands.

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Loose Clothing

The band, Pearl Jam, once upon a time when I was younger, came out with an album called Vitalogy. The insert to the compact disc included a lot of information on the study of living a long life. One of the key tips they provided was to get rid of all your tight clothing.

“Loosen up” they said, avoid tight belts, waistbands, socks, shoes, underwear, wrist watches, even necklaces, and other clothing that is too tight. These tight clothes put pressure on your stomach, arms, legs, etc. Have you ever taken your socks off and there’s a big indentation where it’s been digging into your skin all day?

In acupuncture they study Energy meridians that go all the way to your extremities. You have blood vessels and nerves, and if you wear a tight watch that was just clamping down on your wrist the whole day or night, you’re not getting the kind of circulation you need to your hands.

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