Exploring Taoism?

Exploring Taoism?

The best way to begin exploring Taoism is to explore your own body and energy. By having a relationship with our organs, we know what makes them happy, sad, function well, and what stifles the many unconscious processes they do on our behalf every minute. Further, according to the Taoist view of the body, each organ is associated with an element, a color, virtues, and aspects of nature (not to mention planets, times of day, phases of the moon, stars and constellations, tastes, smells, gem stones, etc. etc.) Strengthening these aspects inside of us strengthens our connection to these aspects of the natural world outside of us.

How has it affected your daily life?

I used to feel like my energy was not in my body. It was as if I was floating somewhere outside my body, not present, and not actively participating in my own life. After learning Taoist practices, I felt as though I became more embodied, and thus more in touch with the wants and needs of my body. Once we are conscious participants in life, I feel we make better choices. It’s much hard to make decisions that hurt ourselves and others when we do it consciously. 


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