How Does Energy Move?

How Does Energy Move?

We all have energy moving through our bodies. It carries out the many unconscious functions every day. As we start to become away of energy moving, particularly in the acupuncture channels, we may feel different things. 

Some people feel warmth, tingling, goosebumps, itching, bubbling, buzzing, twitching, pulsating, or even as a taste in the mouth or sound in the ears. Some people might feel it in a straight line, like the microcosmic orbit, some may feel it point by point, some may see colors around people or in the environment, or clots associated with parts of their body. 

Where we focus our energy, it moves to that point in the body. If we focus loving energy in and around the heart, it travels there and surrounds the heart. The energy of Kindness in the liver, courage in the lungs, trust in the spleen, and stillness in the kidneys gather in the same way. 

Taoists say ‘where the mind goes, the chi flows.’ Biofeedback machines show that energy goes where one concentrates. The stronger the focus, the more energy travels there. Please remember we are not forcing the energy, we are more-so guiding or inviting to flow to a specific place. A gentle approach will help one be more balanced. 

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