Eight Great Rivers

Eight Great Rivers

Deep inside the body, there are energy channels that act as the energetic infrastructure of the body. These deep meridians feed the more well-known, organ-related acupressure channels. Taoists have exercises for opening the ‘eight great rivers’ when these are open, they support the flow of energy throughout the entire body. 

The meridians in the front of the body are said to be more yin, regulate the blood, and protect the body from illness generated within. The meridians on the back of the body are said to be yang, control defensive energy, and protect the body from external health threats. 

Lastly, the eight extraordinary meridians, or eight psychic channels, as they’re also known, connect to the natural world. Think of a time when you went to a park, got into the ocean, sunbathed, or hiked in a forest. We feel recharged during and after these activities because our body is relaxed and nature’s energy enters our energetic infrastructure. Chi kung exercises for opening these channels are well known and I believe the ‘Ba Duan Jin’ are a widely taught and effective set to practice. Stay safe and take care of yourself and your family. 


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