Don’t Believe Me

Don’t Believe Me 

One thing worth noting about the Taoist believe system and practices is that it’s based on personal experience. Don’t believe me, listen to your personal experience. 

Does meditation help you deal with stress more effectively? Over time, has the inner smile reprogrammed you’re default emotions to be more positive? Do you sleep better at night after practicing the six healing sounds?

Philosophical books can point to the moon, but we need to understand how the moon pushes and pulls the water in our bodies. What about the cycles of the seasons, do they require more rest or action at specific times? 

There aren’t rules or prohibitions in Taoism and no teacher should be your boss. By practicing the fundamental techniques discussed here, one’s true nature slowly (or rapidly) emerges. But it’s different for everyone. Find balance, use nature as your teacher, and take the sun, moon, and stars as your tribe.

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