Developing the Power of the Mind

practice for foreign students in side courtyard of the Shaolin Monastery, known for Shaolin boxing, Taoist Buddhist mountain, Song Shan, Henan province, China, Asia

Developing the Power of the Mind

All systems of meditation aim to quiet the mind and nurture the spirit. When the mind is agitated, it overflows with thoughts and feelings reacts to everything, and often overreacts, causing the life-force to become scattered.

Because the mind is so occupied with this flow, it cannot give its full power to any one thought or feeling; lacking incisive power, it becomes scattered and diffuse. It is like the rays of the sun: when the sun’s rays are diffused, they have some warmth.

But if they are focused through a magnifying glass or lens, they have enough heat to burn paper. In the same way, when we quiet the mind through meditation, it becomes focused and strong. This is what we mean by “mind power.”

To quiet the mind, the mind must first become focused on something. We call that something “the object of meditation.” In the Universal Tao, the object of meditation is Chi.

-From Awaken Healing Light of the Tao

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