Depletion of Energy

Depletion of Energy

Due to the long hours and sometimes ‘uphill battle’, those in fields of medicine and healing arts can have high levels of burnout. They also inadvertently pick up the sick energy of their patients, who unfortunately show up to say, “fix me.” Taoist healers prefer to see their “patients” as “students” who learn self-healing and the art of longevity, so they are not always dependent on the doctor.

This post is about more than those in the healing arts. Businesses, the workplace, neighborhoods, television, and family members can be sources of toxic energy. But, just like the medicine woman can protect herself from the sick energy of sick people, modern people can use Taoist practices to cleanse and deflect toxic energy. Exercises like standing chi kung, the six healing sounds, tai chi, and belt vessel chi kung will circulate our energy so the sick energy moves, won’t stagnate, and doesn’t get trapped in the body.

Beyond learning to clear sick energy, it is also useful to avoid sources of toxic energy in the first place. There is a saying that “if you want to be healthy, you have to be willing to let go of the things that make you sick.” For me, I had to give up eating fried dough and a whole pizza by myself. I had to give up gossiping at work, not matter how juicy the gossip. And, I have to learn to be kind to myself. Can you make a list for yourself?

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