Creating Results

What is your current breakthrough goal or your burning desire? What is it that you’re really excited about? What is that state of being that, if you achieved it, it would really change your life? For people on a spiritual path, we want to focus on being content and accepting “what is.” At the same time, could it be our spiritual nature to grow and evolve?

​So for some people growth is getting a bachelor’s degree, learning aMeditation system, paying off debt, or taking your relationship to the next level. Whatever that growth area is for you, what are the steps for creating results in that area? I once learned a six-step process for creating results.

First, it starts with the dream and developing a vision.

The second step is to ask yourself: is this possible? Do you have the belief that you could actually attain this?

Third, determine your level of commitment. Are you willing to pay the prices required to create this breakthrough goal?

Number four, set an intention. I want to define an intention as an already decided future that you’re moving toward.

Step five is take action and begin. At this time, get started and trust you’ll learn how to progress along the way. We don’t have to see the entire staircase, we just need to take the next step.

Step six is respond to your environment and adjust your plan based on your feedback.

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