Connect to the Big Dipper

One (more advanced) meditation is to tune into the Big Dipper and North Star and pour the violet light from the stars into the crown of your head. Then, let the violet star energy/light fill the Upper Tan Tien, to be processed and flow down to the Heart Center (Middle Tan Tien) or to the back of the head down to C-7 (Cervical 7) and T-2 (Thoracic 2) and down the spine, hip bones, legs, and connect to the earth. 

The reason I call this practice ‘advanced’ is because the practitioner will want to feel grounded and connected to the earth before trying this practice. If one doesn’t practice foundational exercise like Tai Chi, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, the Six Healing Sounds, and the  Inner Smile, the energy of stars can short-circuit or magnify imbalances in the physical, energetic, and emotional body. 

We want to build our healthy from the ground up. The practice in the photo is fun and powerful, but work on a solid foundation too. 

Photo: Cosmic Healing Chi Kung II, By Mantak Chia

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