Chi and Blood

Chi and Blood

Chi and blood are the basis for well-being in Taoist healing philosophy. They are the fundamental ways oxygen, nutrients, and waste circulate through the body. Blood circulates through the heart, arteries, capillaries, and veins. The arteries carries nutriments, oxygen, and nutritious Chi to all the body’s cells. Blood returns from the cells once they have given up nutrition and oxygen to the tissues. The blood returns to the heart through the veins and carries carbon dioxide to be eliminated through the lungs.

Blood and Chi flow through the body together when energy meridians and blood vessels are beside each other. Taoist masters say “When the Chi moves, the blood flows; if the Chi stagnates, the blood congeals.” Blood and Chi can rejuvenate and heal the body when they are full of nutrition and energy. An active body can naturally move nutrients and energy throughout the body. 

Problems arise when energy is deficient, too hot, too cold, stagnant, or not moving forcefully enough. Taoist practices such as basic chi kung, tai chi, tao yin, the six healing sounds, the microcosmic orbit, and others encourage the healthy circulation of blood and chi. The standing postures and breathing exercises of Iron Shirt Chi Kung create internal pressure that flushes stagnant chi/blood and trapped hot/cold in the body. Learn more about these exercises in:

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