Cancer is 2nd

Cancer is the Second Leading Cause of Death

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. The CDC calls this category “malignant neoplasms,” so all kinds of cancer are included in the 22.5%. The CDC also provides a breakdown within the cancer category: for males lung and bronchitis are the leading ones, followed by prostate, colon, and rectum. 

For prostate, colon, and rectum cancer, there are recommended screenings that can catch issues early if one gets checked regularly (annually or so after certain ages where risk increases). We can also get blood tests every year from our primary care providers. If white blood cells are elevated, it may be a sign of catching something early on, when it’s easier to treat.

For females, the leading causes of death from cancer are: lung and bronchus-related, breast cancer, colon, and rectum. Lung cancer is the number one cause of death in both genders by double the amount. 

According to the World Cancer Research Fund,  one can try to avoid being overweight, inactive, and having poor nutrition. These preventative measures lower the risk of the most prevalent types of cancer.

There is also research that suggests the mental and emotional part of health can impact cancer outcomes. For instance, stress is difficult for the nervous and other systems of the body. Conversely, deep breathing, relaxation hobbies have the opposite effect. Meditation, gratitude, and walks in nature are very calming for the body.

A lot of time on this account is spent on prevention and integrative techniques. However, western medicine has a lot positive diagnosis and treatment techniques for dealing with disease once it occurs. A nice mix of a disease-prevention lifestyle and screening from western-style medicine is recommended. If disease occurs, we can find best practices and resources from around the world that have high success rates and match our values.

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