Calm Down the Organs

Calm Down the Organs

“The Six Healing Sounds are the fastest way to calm down the organs. The “concrete jungle” life that we live tends to trap the pollution and excess heat that surround us in our environment. All kinds of waves stimulate our bodies and organs to hyperactivity. When negative energy cannot be expelled from the body, it is circulated and trapped in the organs and in the membrane covering of the organs. The organs themselves begin to overheat, creating more negative emotional energy and added stress.

“By simply pronouncing the organ sounds, one can release and exchange the gas trapped in the organs. Just as the Taoist Masters of olden times discovered certain sounds that had a close relationship with the organs and which would cool down the organs to their normal temperatures, so can we deliver fresh energy into the organ to release or transform our negative emotions into a more positive or life-giving energy.“

From the book Transform Stress to Vitality

image: Boston Healing Tao

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