Build a Foundation

Build a Foundation 

The first step in this Taoist path, or just a common sense approach, is to build a strong and resilient body. Our bodies are energy and sensory information processors. The healthier our bodies are, the more energy we can produce at faster rates. It can be common in spiritual paths to (try to) escape the physical plane and challenges of every day life. But, we can’t escape them for long while we’re still alive. 

Taoists have simple practices for strengthening the body. Some goals of these practices is to build the body’s ability to absorb and process more energy and balance the emotional body. A balanced emotional body makes our reactions more appropriate and healthier. Tai chi chi kung, golden elixir chi kung, and bone marrow nei kung are some practices to help the body operate in an optimal capacity. Look into these and practices them to be healthy. All the information is available to anyone with the internet. It’s time to get serious about our health and the vibration we create.

Social and financial considerations are also important to ensure healthy inputs into mind and body. In America, for instance, medical issues can cause bankruptcy and its said we have the average net worth of the people we spend the most time with. Our spiritual paths are intertwined with all other aspects of our lives. Facing practical matters squarely, with an intention to lift the health of our community, can help us feel purpose and share positive virtues. Start with one new habit: drinking water, walking around the neighborhood, squatting to open the hips, or breathing to/from the navel. It is up to us to look after ourselves and our families/communities. 

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