Being in Discovery (Part 2)

Being in Discovery (Part 2)

When we go from paying our bills to this errand or that, and we are thinking about where we’d rather be, we’re not really present. We’re not experiencing that experience, we’re not involved in what we’re doing because we’re somewhere else. 

The more present we can be, the healthier we can be. When present, our mental and emotional energy is not flying away somewhere else. Our vital energy is staying in our bodies and can nourish our organs and their functions. 

When the mind is where the body is, there isn’t a split between where we are and where we are imagining we are. A lot of times that we unconsciously go somewhere else and we’re not experiencing life at all. Our life just can pass us by and we weren’t even there to see it.

Fortunately, bringing our energy back to our body can be developed through practice. For instance, the Inner Smile awakens the consciousness in each organ, tendons, bone marrow, etc. Iron Shirt Chi Kung is a standing practice that helps one connect with the earth and the center of our being. As presence becomes a practice in meditation, it becomes natural in everyday life.

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