Befriend Your Organs

Befriend Your Organs

We can Interact with our organs by keeping the color and positive virtue in mind. When we express gratitude for what the organs do, we are speaking the language of that organ. For the practice of the inner smile and experiencing more peace inside the body, it can be helpful to learn the color and one positive virtue for each organ. 

Many of these colors and emotions are intuitive, based on are cultural language and norms. For instance the color for the heart is red and the positive virtue is love. In the meditation of the inner smile, one thinks about love and visualizes a pleasing color of red, while expressing gratitude to the heart for pumping blood around the body.

When we energetically and mindfully bathe the heart in love or the other organs in their associated colors and virtues, it creates the field around the organs that is copied and passed on to the next generation of cells as the cells divide. Then, exponentially we are quickly reprogramming our organs every time we practice the inner smile.


Heart: Red, Love/Joy

Lungs: White, Strength/Courage

Liver: Green, Kindness/Forgiveness 

Spleen: Yellow, Stability/Trust

Kidneys: Blue, Creativity/Gentleness

From: The Alchemistā€™s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold

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