Be Patient with Yourself, Goals Based Planning

How far in the future is your horizon?Where can you extend your horizons?  Let’s look at some areas of life and how extending your horizon may apply to your goals.  In health, maybe you want to lose or gain weight.  In personal development, maybe you want to learn a new skill to move your career into a different direction.  Many people have a sudden awareness that their free-time is virtually non-existent or that is often has a way of disappearing and being taken by forces outside of their control.  In the area of personal finance, paying off debt that took years to accumulate may take years to eliminate.  Relationships, with a spouse, an estranged family member, or friends with whom we’ve lost touch feel into a routine slowly.  Improvement in all of these examples is certainly admirable and worthwhile.  I want you to pursue these and many can be pursued simultaneously. The point I want to make here is to allow yourself time.  There is a saying that if you walk into the wilderness ten miles, you may need to walk out of the wilderness ten miles.  The weight you want to lose, the relationship that needs invigorated, or the skill set that has lain dormant will need some time to come back to the place you want.

Be patient with yourself!


Goals Based Planning

What should I do today?  What will we do this week? Does our team have a plan for this fiscal year?  Each of our daily activities can benefit from being aligned with a bigger picture.  Our daily activities need to align with our monthly goals; our yearly plan needs to support our five year vision.  It can be really easy for us to go off course and to get caught up in the whirlwind of live.  There can be multiple distractions at every turn.  I once heard the analogy of side streets at every train stop.  We can exit the train during a layover, start to explore side streets, and never make it back to the train that is going to our destination.  There is a lot of fun to be had in the side streets, but rest assured that they will delay or prevent the trip to the original destination.

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