Be Content, Chase the Tao?

Tao Te Ching #14

Chase the Tao and You’ll Never Catch It
Who can see what can’t be seen? Who can hear what can’t be heard? Who can feel what can’t be touched?
Through the practice of subtle energy, the alchemist fuses his senses. Through the fusion of his senses,
he grasps the formless.
The Tao is not bright and not dim.
It has no beginning and no end.
Chase it and you’ll never catch it.
It is elusive, but it is available everywhere. Merge with it and you move with the present.
You can’t know it, but you can be it.
Live as the Tao lives. This is the way to peace.


Tao te Ching: #13

Be Content With What you Have
Gain and loss can both drain our energy.
Hope and regret both steal the present moment.
How do gain and loss both drain our energy? When you gain, you have to hold on to it. When you lose, you lament what is gone.
How do hope and regret
both steal the present moment?
Hopes for the future can leave us discontented. Regret is a fool’s errand,
as the past can’t be rewritten.
Therefore, the alchemist is content with what he has.
If he thinks of the past,
the focus is on lessons learned.
Rather than regret past mistakes, He can focus on love for others And forgiveness of self
When thoughts of the past arise.
Keep your mind with your body, Allow true virtue to arise.

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