Awakening Energy in the Body

Awakening Energy in the Body

Sometimes we wake up feeling full of vitality. Our bodies feel alive, alert, and almost tingling. We wonder: was it the amount of sleep, did we eat healthier, perhaps it’s the weather? Or, we don’t stop to think and go shopping, drink booze, engage in some kind of sexual behavior to dissipate the extra energy because we don’t know what to do with extra vitality. 

What if we could store this extra energy? What if, like a battery, our body (our bones, organs, tendons, etc.) could hold the energy until we need it? Can we bank our energy like retirement savings that will grow with compound interest until we need it later in life? 

Fortunately, Taoist masters developed practices to awaken and store energy in the body. They studied and created a predictable system of healing and longevity to create a body that feels alive, alert, and tingling with energy. Like an experiment that is repeatable and predictable, health can be a product of specific practices. 

Exercises such as rubbing the meridians of your faces, ears, eyes, and soles of your feet awaken energy in those meridians. Rotating the joints of the body, first one way and then another way many times. The head, wrists, knees, ankles, elbows, and waist will loosen the tendons and ligaments. 

The movement of the physical body sparks the flow of energy. So, tap your teach, grab your toes, swallow your saliva, and role your eyes. Rotate your tongue, stretch your fingers, and make faces in the mirror. Hang in there, health is just around the corner.

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