An In-the-Body Experience

An In-the-Body Experience

One benefit for practicing Taoist meditations are that we turn inward and notice some problems in the body before they are irreversible. In modern society, we spend so much time sending our attention and energy outward that we do not spend time turning inward. Our health increases when we focus our internal reality. We start to have an in-the-body experience. 

Many have out-of-the-body experiences for decades—kind of floating outside of their body with their energy. I think of Pig Pen in the Peanuts cartoons. He was that character, a friend of Charlie Brown, with dirt flying around his body. The energy is not connected with the body.  

We can bring our energy back into our body through martial arts, dance, and other physical activity where we have to concentrate. We can start to have a relationship with internal organs and begin to notice, “wow this fried food or alcohol makes my liver tighten.” Then, we can change our habits before too much damage is done.

For instance, I had an intense job assignment once. My daily routine was to take a lunch break, drink a lot of coffee, get up too early and stay up too late. I was in night school at the time felt like I was falling behind. At work, I had a desk on the shop floor. Coworkers would approach me with these red tags, which meant there was a serious problem and the production line was at a standstill. “We don’t have all the parts we need, what are you going to do about it?” 

I wanted to do a good job and help people continue working. So, this caused me stress and the fascia between my skin and my heart was getting twisted. (We have the skin, fascia, the sternum, and then your organs on the inside). My fascia was twisted and the hair on my chest turned gray right there, in a patch. By practicing Taoist meditations and regular check-ins, I was able to notice my internal and external body. I noticed that I needed to make a change; that this situation was too stressful. Many ignore these warning signs until an organ stops working all together. 

I wrote a little book on Taoist practices and it’s available here: The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold

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