Healing Love for Men

Healing Love for Men

Question: I’ve been practicing Taoist practices for sexual energy. I don’t have a girlfriend, so I’ve stopped masturbating because it seems empty. I feel good and healthy, but I have “nocturnal emissions” (wet dreams) that throw me off my practice. Is stopping ejaculation good for me?

Thoughts: Hello and good morning. Are you doing meditation practices along with stopping masturbation? For instance are you doing any of these practices:

-the six healing sounds releases pent up energy from the body and prevents overheating

-the Microcosmic orbit moves the energy around the body and nourishes vital organs—rather than energy staying in one part of the body

-Iron shirt chi kung, a set of standing practices that exchanges energy with the earth to nourish the bones and organs—like a tree exchanging energy through roots deep in the soil

-the fusion of the five elements exercise is a practice of emotional alchemy for smoothing the soft edges of our feelings and emotions and recycles negative emotional energy to create vitality. So many emotions are tied up in our sexual organs and sexual energy… this practice is considered compulsory for those doing semen retention or the female version of the sexual energy practice.

A short answer is, it’s perfectly healthy to release the pressure through ejaculation, as long as it isn’t excessive. What is excessive? Here are some recommendations from an ancient Taoist text:

  • Teens and twenties, twice a day for the strong, once for the weak.
  • 30s: strong once a day, weak every other day.
  • 40s: strong 1:3 once in three days, weak once in four days 1:4
  • 50s: strong 1:5, weak 1:10
  • 60s: strong 1:10, weak 1:20
  • 70s: strong 1:30, weak 0

Best of luck and be easy on yourself! You’ve made great progress and you’re already feeling healthy, which is an admirable goal of any spiritual practice. Remember, one can absorb the energy of the experience and circulate it in the body before the moment of release when the “team of horses carries the stagecoach over the cliff.” 😊


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