Activate Your Bones

Activate Your Bones

The bone marrow creates blood cells and, when active, play an important role in the immune system and health of the body. Taoists believe that mediation on the bones activates the marrow and the regenerative abilities of the body. Stronger bones means stronger blood and healthier cells and tissue throughout the body. 

Anatomy pictures can help us see the structure of the bones and skeletal system. After studying these images, we can start by tracing the bones of one hand with our mind and the fingers of the other hand. With practice, the breath can help the bones feel open and active, just like breathing activates the muscles and lungs. 

Self massage of the hands, including squeezing the fingers/bones with the other hands brings awareness, blood, and chi to the bones. Once we feel awareness, presence, and energy in the hands without pressure from the other hand, we can move up to the bones of the wrist, the lower arm, and up to the upper arm. 

After a week or so of working on the hands everyday, we can activate the bones of the feet and legs in the same way. With practice, the activation of the arm and leg bones can continue to the hips, shoulders, spine, and bones of the head. Through sitting meditation, standing practice (or standing in line somewhere, for instance), or tai chi practice, we can practice feeling the skeletal system activate. 

Learn more about Bone Breathing Chi Kung in the book The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold

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