Activate the Immune System

Activate the Immune System

If we can enable the healing mechanisms of the body to function properly, most illnesses will be stopped before they start. And, when we do get ill, which can happen to even the most dedicated practitioners, our body can respond quickly and minimize the suffering from an illness. A healthy immune system will produce red and white blood cells and the T lymph cells that recognize, attack, and eliminate the invading substances of disease.

To increase the production of the healthy cells of the immune system, we can activate bone marrow and the lymphatic system. Gentle hitting of the bones activates the marrow. Taoist yoga, chi kung, and tai chi open and close the hips to rhythmically move the fluids around the body for processing and elimination. The Inner Smile meditation floods the body with awareness and awakens the healing power of each organ, of the bone marrow, and in the glands which drive a healthy immune response. Tapping the sacrum, spiraling the hips, and squatting open up the thoroughfare of energy and fluid channels that pass between the upper and lower parts of our bodies.

The marrow tissue inside the bones, when healthy, creates a conducive environment for producing and transporting blood cells. Smiling and tapping the thymus gland is another important aspect of the lymphatic system. The thymus gland is perhaps the most important player in the immune system. The thymus transforms lymphocyte cells into helper cells to find and eliminate sick and diseased cells.

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