Above/Below, Within/Without

Above/Below, Within/Without

Searching for more and healthier energy, the Taoists turned inward. Taoists found their inner environment closely matched their outer environment. By exploring this connection, they found that balancing one’s inner environment helped them love more harmoniously in the outer environment.

Other studies, from modern science to western mystics, found parallels between the inner and outer worlds. Modern technology can look thousands of light years into space and deep into the cellular level. The findings of both show the similarities all along the spectrum. Ancient Taoists experienced and described this relationship, but didn’t have tangible proof.

By meditating and practicing chi kung, we, like the ancient and modern Taoist masters, can see the connection between the above and below; between the inner and the outer. Practices like the microcosmic orbit, the inner smile, and tao yin (Taoist yoga) refine and balance the body’s energy to match that of nature.

📸: Xiangwen Chen

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