Abdominal Brain

The Abdominal Brain

The abdominal brain is a considered the ‘second brain’ by Taoist masters. The Abdominal Brain has as many nerve cells as the actual brain and many of the same chemical activities in the brain happen in the abdomen. The lower brain, however, is not connected with the senses. The senses pull our awareness outside of ourselves and drain our energy. The upper brain, through the senses, tends to consciously analyze and judge situations. 

The abdominal brain, not connected to the senses, tends to keep its energy in the body. This is the source of ‘gut feelings,’ strong hunches, and extra-sensory perception. When using the abdominal brain, one can access deep wisdom, internal guidance, and full body awareness. Taoist practices such as Tai Chi Chi Kung, Tao Yin, Iron Shirt Chi Kung and many others help develop body awareness. Learn more in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold: 


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