Tai Chi and Bone Marrow, Lower Limb Circulation

“Use your mind to exercise your internal energy.  Let the internal energy sink and be attached to your body.  Eventually, the internal energy can be condensed into the bone marrow.” -Ta’i Chi Classics, Translated by Waysun Liao.

“When we are asleep, the circulation slows down, especially in the legs which are farthest from the heart.  Toxins start to settle in the legs and feet areas.  When activating (the toes) it will help to clear out the toxins that accumulate in the limbs and backs of the knees.”  Rub the toes together 20-30 times on each side.

“Veins are the return routes of the blood to the heart.  The most common places for blood to clot are the veins of the feet.  This can be caused by wearing high heels, wearing tight shoes, or wearing the wrong shoes.  These will tend to harden the veins and slow down the entire foot circulation.” Pull the toes toward you 20-30 time on each side.  -Chi Self Massage, Mantak Chia

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