Tai Chi and a Tree

Tai Chi and a Tree

Taoists teach that trees can mediate between the sun/moon/stars and the earth. They go deep into the earth and reach up toward the heavens. They hold strong in storms, yet have to be flexible to survive. In this way, they teach us. 

Scientifically, like they absorb carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, the opposite of us. We can send our ‘waste products’ such as sick energy, negative or anxious thoughts, and they can give us back new energy that is grounded, stable, and more pure. 

Trees philosophically lead by example and they can heal us by practice. Tai chi is just one mechanism to interact with them. We can sit by trees and meditate. If we put our back against the tree’s trunk and run the microcosmic orbit, it has a calming effect. We can follow their example in our emotions and psychology and visualize roots flowing deep into the earth from the bottom of our feet. 

One of my favorite practices with a tree is perform the basic tai chi beginning/introduction movement over and over in front of a tree. (The hands go up from the sides, bringing earth energy into the body. The hands sink back into the body, bringing tree energy toward us. The hands push out from the body, releasing our sick energy into the tree, and the hands sink back into the body, at chest level, and then down into the earth again. Repeat as many times as you want.) 

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