Regular meditation can help clear distractions. In every day life, practice slowing down, breathing a little slower, and noticing things. If we are used to going at 100%, we can try walking at 75% once in a while. If we do that a few minutes a day, it’ll start to seep into the rest of our lives and we can go a little slower, calm down a little bit. This relaxes the different branches of the nervous system, and it helps to bring us back into a state of equilibrium.

​The nervous system has rest and recovery branch, or the fight or flight branch. Sometimes in life, we’re too much fight or flight, we’re too busy we’re constantly working. Sometimes we’re too much in the rest and recovery, where we want to sleep too much, we just can’t seem to get going. Or if we keep eating and drinking, we don’t take the time to rest and recover as our body needs a break from eating and digesting.

We want to find a state where the systems of our body are comfortable, where there is homeostasis between the branches of the nervous system. Where we are not elevated or repressed in our nervous systems, where we are balanced, slowly breathing, relaxing, and walking a little slower. Practicing slowing down daily can help us develop the intuition of homeostasis. We often spend all of our time looking out, listening out, feeling out, smelling out, but strengthening intuition trains is to also look within.


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