Why Learn Tai Chi?

Why Learn Tai Chi?

Americans, age 65 or older, with 1 of 5 fall-related injuries account for 800,000 hospitalizations each year and 74 deaths a day, according to the CDC. The injuries are among the 20 most expensive medical conditions. Further, falling once doubles the risk of falling again. While many physical therapy exercises can help to improve balance and prevent falls, there exists meaningful evidence that the discipline of Tai Chi may reduce the risk of falling in older adults.

The slow, and continuous movements of Tai Chi help to strengthen internal muscles that support and strengthen the spine. In addition to its physical benefits, this form of gentle resistance can calm the mind. Tai chi practitioners regularly shift their weight from side to side, building stabilizing abilities. Tai chi can also lead to significant blood pressure drop, particularly in those who take medication that can cause variations in blood pressure.

Adapted from:

Why Every Aging Adult Should Learn the Discipline of Tai Chi by Eric Edelman

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