Why Chi Kung?

Why Chi Kung?

Everyday life can cause our energy to scatter. As we sit in one place, our mind, and thus, our energy, goes in various directions. Our focus floats to our bills, our next meeting, a list of social media contacts, or yesterday’s regrets. Advertisements pull us toward a meal of salt, fat, and sugar. The media worries us over the worst portrayal of somewhere’s horrors. Some music can make our base ‘chakras’ come alive and shut down other chakras. 

When our mental and spiritual energy is fragmented, we become confused on where to turn for happiness. When we are confused on basic questions of where to eat next or which fabric softener to use, how much harder is our true purpose to define? Mindless smart phone surfing makes loving the one you’re with challenging. A barrage of seductive images of strangers from all corners of the world-wide web is a click away. 

Fortunately, there are practices to reintegrate our fractured energy. Taoist breathing exercises and seated, moving, and standing exercises bring our energy back into our body. Through Tai chi and chi kung, the energy channels of our body flow again. The deep rivers of energy that make up our spiritual infrastructure find integrity again through awareness and intention. Connecting to ourselves and connecting to the earth give us a strong gravity. This makes it harder to be pulled into the gravity of advertisements, worries, fears, or false hopes. Chi kung helps us be present and return to our bodies. We can have an in-the-body experience.

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