Water in Nature and the Body

Water in Nature and the Body

The water in our body responds to the water in nature. If we want to strengthen an energy in our body, can plug in, tune in, or surround ourselves with that energy from nature. An analogy might be connecting to a high speed WiFi network and then downloading music or an audiobook. 

In the body, water-like energy resonates with the kidneys, urinary bladder, sexual fluids and organs, the bone marrow, and the lymphatic system. A positive relationship with water in the body means we aren’t retaining it, we aren’t dehydrated, our throat isn’t dry or we aren’t thirsty. Emotionally, strong water qualities mean comfort with stillness, creativity, and strong willpower. It can mean comfort in the lower back. 

In nature, sources of water-related energy are the moon (full, new, waxing or waning phases), oceans, rivers, and lakes. There are many meditations and exercises to strengthen the kidneys and build sexual energy, health, and vitality. For instance, we can see the moon shining between our kidneys, at a point called The Door of Life. We can also exhale the kidney sound (CHOOOO) while breathing next to a river or lake. 

My favorite practice may be to massage the lower back to warm the kidneys. There is the visualization of seeing our bones glow a bright golden color. And there is a whole range of Taoist yoga psoas-strengthening and lengthening practices we can do laying down. 

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