Washing the Bone Marrow

Washing the Bone Marrow

Taoists teach that the kidneys, reproductive organs, and bone marrow are extremely interconnected. Building the health of any one of these builds the health of the others. Taoists regard the sexual energy as having rejuvenating qualities. This isn’t exactly a ground-breaking idea, because sexual energy creates human life. Perhaps what is ground-breaking is the practice of using this this energy and turning it inside the body to nourish and grow the bone marrow, kidney health, and glands of the body.

We talk about the microcosmic orbit and inner smile on this blog. They are the fundamental practice for moving and improving the quality of the body’s energy. In the case of ‘Washing the Bone Marrow’ or rejuvenating sexual energy and the kidneys, we use the Orbit and the Inner Smile, we just have the intention of incorporating the raw creative energy to circulate in the body. So, the groundwork we do with the fundamental practices opens the body to build and safely move reproductive energy up and into the body to our organs, bones, and glands.

Bone Marrow practices include warm-ups such as basic chi kung movements (whatever you know—for example, joint and tendon opening) and the Inner Smile to create a positive frequency in the body. Then, stimulating the sexual energy and reproductive glands through self-massage. hitting the bones with the hands or a wire hitter, and visualizing the bones opening to draw in this energy and the energy of the earth in standing postures. Bone Marrow Washing is considered an advanced practice; please find a teacher, perhaps a certified Healing Tao Instructor in ‘Bone Marrow Nei Kung.’ These practices are followed by the Six Healing Sounds to release excess heat that is generated.

It’s called bone marrow ‘washing’ because it builds up healthy bone marrow cells. The new cells push out excess fat in the bone marrow and cleans stuck energy and matter in the bones. The sexual energy provides the energy and raw material to generate the new bone marrow cells. Hope this helps. Taoism has so many practices like this for each system of the body. Give it a chance and find an instructor to help!


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