Treat Your Body

Treat Your Body Like You Want to Be Treated

One of the analogies I like about Taoist physical and spiritual cultivation is that of a workplace. Imagine if you were in charge of a group of factory workers and you asked them to work 24/7. Let’s say you gave them no days off, worked them all holidays, and sometimes double time on holidays. (we often put our organs through more work at certain times of the year.) Do we ever tell our body thanks? Further we don’t always give them the best wages in the form of food, clean air, or sleep.

If we treated workers this way, the workers would eventually go on strike. Some of them would stop working altogether and some might walk off the job. If we don’t want to treat our organs that way, then we should take a little time each day to turn our focus inward. We can say thank you and pay respect to these organs that keep us alive and functioning.

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