Transforming Energy

Transforming Energy 

Once we have learned to conserve energy and balance energy, we can learn to transform this energy. This writing will focus on two examples of transforming energy. First, there are Taoist practices for transforming negative energy and emotions into positive energy and emotions. This practice is similar to recycling scrap metal or plastic waste into something new and useful. Or, it can be like throwing animal manure onto a garden to provide nutrients for growth. 

The energy of anger, for instance, relates to the liver. There is a lot of power in anger. In meditation and real life, Taoists practice taking the charge off of strong emotions and transforming the powerful energy into positive virtues and vitality. The energy of anger in the liver can be transformed into forgiveness and kindness. This new energy can nourish the body and strengthen the organs. 

The second way Taoists practice transforming energy is seen in the power of raw reproductive energy being transformed into a higher and more spiritual energy. This raw energy is beautiful, powerful, and natural but the energy relates to our animal or primal nature. By transforming this energy, it is more refined, less volatile, and easier to store in organs, bones, and channels of the body. Thus, transforming our energy through chi kung practices becomes a major building block of spiritual  practice. 

The Taoist practices of iron shirt chi kung, Tao Yin/Taoist Yoga, and tai chi help strengthen and tone the body to transform chi. These practices are explained in more detail in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold.

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