Toxins & the Small Intestine

Toxins & the Small Intestine

A healthy small intestine absorbs nutrients from food that passes from the stomach. The nutrients go through the walls of the small intestine and into the bloodstream. 

When our diet consists of mostly heavy and unnatural foods, the small intestine has trouble dealing with it. The food isn’t broken down by the stomach properly and it passes wholesale into the small intestine. 

The heavy food waits in the small intestine, to be neither passed nor nutrients absorbed. (One taoist text said ice cream can stay there for 5-7 days 😳). This also prevents healthy food from being absorbed. The small intestine, under the stress, expands and loses its natural shape. 

So, be kind to yourself. Be kind to your small intestine. Eat like you live there (in your body.) 🌝

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