Too busy to meditate and Alchemy

Here is another picture displaying aspects of the practice of alchemy. The varying sizes of “hula hoops” around the body represent the belt channel. The sexual centers (or “sexual palaces”) are highlighted. Their energy is meant to travel upward to meet with the downward flowing heart Energy (a la water and fire Alchemy.)  The three dotted lines in the center of the body are the thrusting channels/great rivers/psychic channels that make up the deep infrastructure of our energy bodies. Finally, the portals above the head and below the feet represent the adept’s interaction with the energies of heaven and earth. Try one aspect, bring the energy back to the navel and store it there. Over time, the practice becomes automatic and continuous.

📸: Taoist Soul Body, by Mantak Chia.  Words are my own.

I’m too busy to meditate. Maybe someday.

If we wait until we aren’t busy to begin a spiritual practice, we are missing the benefits that will help us with that business. I participated in a Taoist teacher training program in New York City for three weeks and it was so much fun. Plenty of people, places, and energy to interact with. A mountain retreat is nice too, and I’ve participated in those in china, Europe, and Appalachia… but start where you are! 

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