There is no shortcut to lasting enlightenment

It is easy to grasp something at rest.
Plans are easy to make in advance.
Trouble can be overcome before it starts.
Set things in order before chaos erupts.

The oak springs from the acorn.
A sky scraper begins with a pile of dirt.
The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.
Rushing to completion can lead to failure.

Only a fool tries to get something for nothing.
There is no shortcut to lasting enlightenment.
Therefore, the sage watches patiently as things unfold.
He is as tranquil on the first mile as on the 1,000th mile.

Unattached to the outcome, he has nothing to lose.
People usually fail when success is just around the corner.
Thus, have enthusiasm at the end just as at the beginning.

Desire to remain desire-less. Do not collect things.
Let go of fixed notions. Come back to what you have lost.
Help things regain their original nature,
But do so without interfering.

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