The Triple Warmer

The Triple Warmer

Chinese medicine recommends that the upper warmer, the middle warmer, and the lower warmer need to be in balance. (The triple warmer is not an organ that we have in western medicine.) Often, our upper warmer, which includes the heart and lungs can get overheated (energetically, I like to include the brain and sense organs in the upper warmer because it produces a lot of the head in the body). Heat is generated in the head when we’re on the phone, typing, reading, and working with computers. This causes a lot of hot, fiery energy, from the electricity, to go to our head. If you’ve heard the saying “hot-headed,” you can decide if you want to contribute to that. Instead of being hot-headed, we want to have an even temperature throughout our body. 

The lower warmer, which includes our kidneys and reproductive organs often becomes colder than it needs to properly function. Balancing the heat among the three warmers helps the overall organism to be healthier.

To even out the three warmers, the Taoists have a movement and a sound. The exercise is like performed by inhaling a deep breath, and exhaling the sound “heeeee,” as we move our hands along our torso, from overhead down to our belly. This guides the energy from the upper warmer to the lower warmer. The movement and sound can be done 5-10 times.  If you like visualization, one can see dark blue or black flowing out of the feet and into the earth.

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