The Sacral Pump

The Sacral Pump

The raw power of the reproductive organs can energize the body. This energy can enter the nervous system through the spinal cord at the sacrum. Taoists call this the Sacrum Pump, because the energy can be moved or pumped from the ‘lower’ spiritual centers of the body to the ‘higher’ centers of the body. (Lower and higher aren’t the best descriptors, because these centers are all extremely important to physical and spiritual functioning of the organism. Think of higher and lower as spatial reference terms, not as a judgement from this simple Taoist.)

The sacral pump can be activated by rocking and tilting the sacrum upward and downward. We can visualize the sacrum glowing with a golden color as we rock the hips. The power of tai chi comes from moving the hips, sacrum, and the connection of the structure to the earth through the feet. Taoist yoga opens the hips, connects the sacrum to the ground, and opens the body to transform raw physical energy into refined spiritual energy.

Perhaps the simplest method is to use a wall as a guide. Stand with the back on the wall, pushing the sacrum against the wall and exert force from the sacrum to the wall. We talk about the microcosmic orbit regularly, but the sacrum may not get the attention it deserves. As we can see, it is important. Some might even say a major outcome of a spiritual practice is to transform the raw animal energy into spiritual, virtuous energy.

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