The Quiet of Winter

The Quiet of Winter

As the three-day celebration of the winter solstice continues in the northern hemisphere, simple practices for health include massaging the kidneys, drinking extra water, and massaging the kidney Meridian (from the balls of the feet, up the inside of the leg, around the waist/Belt Channel to the kidneys themselves.)

In meditation, Taoists observe nature to mimic its patterns in their bodies. In the depths of winter, the water element sinks into the earth and finds stillness. In the body, the water element relates to the kidneys, and other fluids, including the bone marrow. 

Warm soups, root vegetables, and legumes are good to eat throughout the winter. In meditation and life, seek quiet time and a connection to the earth. Imagine the sap that is still inside the trees and the seed that quietly waits beneath the soil. 

During every hour, try to use five or ten minutes to relax completely. Even if you have to hide and go somewhere that it’s quiet, it is worth your short and long-term health to give yourself that time. You will return more productive and won’t be so exhausted at the end of the day. If we look at nature, there’s not a full-time summer solstice, there is high tide and low tide, waxing and waning. Be patient with yourself and learn how to rest.

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