The Quality of Energy

The Quality of Energy

Energy-increasing products are sold everywhere from gas station bathrooms and counters to multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. Mega sponsorships from energy drinks fuel sporting events, even while causing deaths by kidney failure. But the QUALITY of energy is even more important than the quantity of energy.

Taoist practices focus on increasing vital energy to have a surplus of chi, but they also emphasize spiritual development. Balance in our bodies and in everyday life relies on spiritual attributes and interdependence with nature, other people, various aspect of our body and mind, and the Tao itself. To demonstrate and practice virtue, it helps to do it in relationship to others. Someone once told me that love is a verb; it implies action.

The Taoist path is deep and wide. It teaches ways to use good food to nourish our physical body, ways of living to nourish our emotional body, and meditation and movement to nourish our spiritual body. This energy is all around us in nature, if we learn how to access it. Interaction with others and facing life on its own terms can be the greatest teacher of virtue we will find. And, although matters of life and death can open our hearts to spiritual development, we don’t have to wait for major life events to shake us into a spiritual awakening.

You can spend quarters in a gas station bathroom, or you can spend your time breathing deeply. It is up to you to decide which give you a better quality and quantity of energy.

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