The Molecular Basis of Emotions and Health

“Dr. Candace Pert’s (1946-2013) pioneering work in neuroscience uncovered the primary mechanisms for how mind-body medicine works at the molecular level.

“Every cell in our body has a characteristic vibration. When these cells vibrate at a certain rate and in a certain pattern, the body functions well and the person feels good. When they vibrate at a different rate and pattern, the body functions less well and the person feels not so good … every thought is a pattern of energy characterized by a certain vibratory rate and pattern

“… the vibratory pattern of the thought and its consequent emotion are experienced throughout the entire body, by each cell, and this vibratory influence triggers the release of certain kinds of neuropeptides which flood through the body … thus thoughts are patterns of energy which influence the functions of the whole body.” 

-Dr. Candace Pert in Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

Taoist practices increase our vibrations to help the body function well and to improve our emotional outlook.

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