The Lotus Meditation

The Lotus Meditation

Mixing the energy of the kidneys/water element with the energy of the heart/fire element promotes energetic balance in the body.

The fire energy wants to burn up and out of the body. The water energy wants to flow down and out of the body. To harness these energies and keep them in the body fosters healing and regeneration. When they leave the body, exhaustion and fatigue occur.

Creating a healthy exchange between the fire and water in the body and with nature slows the natural aging and decaying process. Inside the lower abdomen, the meditator can see metaphor of heating a pot of water with a cooking fire below.

Or, as the image shows, the mediation can follow the image of the heart opening like a lotus blooming, by drawing up the water of the kidneys through the roots of the blooming flower.

Photo: Tao Yin, by Mantak Chia

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